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As a founder, learning growth strategies everyday is a natural thing for me, so @josberco posts and the growth call on @growthSeekerio has been very helpful with my startup journey. I do recommend you join the community to accelerate your product-market fit!



As a first-time founder, it is hard to get all the skills needed to make a good product. I met @josberco on indie hackers, and he has been giving me advice about the next steps to make Kickass Tuber grow. If you are in a similar situation, you can reach him at @growthseekerio.


CoFoudner, joinn

I've been joining the coffee and tips of @josberco & @growthseekerio. As a first-time founder, it is really helpful to know tips, resources, and experiences so that I don't have to waste my time searching in google and learning alone.



@josberco's advice really helped us revisit our marketing strategy and make improvements. Hoping to get similar benefits from this community while helping with whatever I can. @growthseekerio


CEO & CoFounder,

GrowthSeeker helped us providing valuable advice on our Go To Market plan and strategic reflections on how to position our product in the competitive landscape better.



Just wrapped up a very insightful conversation with @josberco of GrowthSeeker. Check out his work!



Just joined @Growthseekerio's "Coffee and Tips" chat and spoke to @josberco and Rebecca - awesome group of mentors there with great advice. Their calls are daily and open to everyone


Head Of Growth, AngelHubHK

Thank you so much for organizing. Great experience with the group!


Content Creator

I joined the call this morning, great people on it, and some #GreatIdeas and #Tips were shared.
A #MustDo if you are looking to grow your business!

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